“XP”Score is not retained

Enable PunkBuster.

1. Please run as administrator
2. “/ pb_cl_enable” from the console.
You can turn it on by turning on PunkBuster.
3. Let’s type “/ cl_guid”.
A 32-digit GUID is displayed
PunkBuster is not enabled, “Unknown” is displayed.
When “Unknown” is displayed
ETKey does not seem to be installed.

Where to get “ETKey”

Please download ETKey, your ETKEY Generator – ETKey-Home
Please put it in “Wolfenstein – Enemy Territory \ etmain”.

“XP”Score reset

Did you reinstall?

When reinstalling, since “etkey” is new, even if player names are the same, the server will recognize it as a separate player.Please save “etkey” before reinstalling.