Noroda Final 2

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  • ファイルサイズ 15.14 MB
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  • 投稿日 2019年10月28日
  • 最終更新日時 2019年10月30日

Noroda Final 2

ET-Skinpack: Noroda

z_noroda_basic.pk3 (11,8 MB)
the basic file with playres, weapon, limbo skin. Sound for weapon, chatbox etc.
Changes: the famele model was added
z_noroda_female.pk3 (0,01 MB)
with this file the server admin can use the female medic modell (the basic file work with the male model)

z_noroda_mapfixes.pk3 (0,6 MB)
73 different mapfixes, the serveradmin can use this pack as a pk3 addons or can add the scripts form the file to the "mapscripts" directory

z_noroda_xmas.pk3 (2,7 MB)
many xmas addons (grinch, snowman on Baserace map, xmas mines etc.), work with the skinpack. Will good for the next xmas season... 🙂
Note: with the xmas mod dont work the female model

Blood Limbo
New Loading Screen
Location files
38 funny chat sounds
New Skins for Weapons, Med- & Ammopacks
New Weapon Sounds
X-Mas extension also included for this skinpack
In many cases I useed jpg files instead of tga (like campaign map, etc.) so if your clan have some own stuff, you can easy replace the files. ~Molotov