2.60b support

bring client example.cfg up to date

bring server example.cfg up to date

mortis fixes for fueldump and railgun

|FF|Im2good4u ui update. Added cg_centertime and fixed menu box size

give semiadmins the same kick/mute protection as refs

Allow refs to surrender or callvote surrender even if vote is disabled

#944 – competition fueldump
Tank is completely removed, first half of map is skipped.
Depot side wall and depot gate are now dynamitable.

#964 – show who did team commands like pause, specinvite, readyteam

#959 – uncheatprotect cg_centertime

#967 – added 6 new crosshairs, which are variants of the orignal 0-5 that work better at small sizes

#960 – allow .config to require a particular mapscript
syntax: in a (non default) map block put

if no mapscripthash is specified, any mapscript is allowed
if a mapscripthash is specified, and the hash of the loaded mapscript does not match, an error message is sent to all clients, and the config is cleared.

the hash of the current script is stored in the readonly server cvar b_mapscripthash, so clients or server admins can query it.

Also improved config error handling. Now all parse errors result in the config being completely cleared, and a message broadcast to connected clients.

lua changes:

ps.viewangles added

s.eventParm added

ps.origin added

specinvite improvements:

show spectator invite status in /players.
Where /players previously showed a red X for axis or a blue L for allies, it shows the following for spectators
SH shoutcaster
SB invited both teams
SX invited axis only
SL invited allies only
S not invited
This could be made more verbose if people think it is too obscure.

add specuninvite command. Refs and shoutcasters may not be invited or uninvited


#935 – fireteam invite confused by numbers in names, breaks when using ft menu too

#936 – players may suddenly drown if they go directly from waterlevel 0 to/from 3

#939 – etpro doesn’t play the the prepare and fight sounds when unpaused

#954 – setcs rcon abuse

#948 – using a fixed MG pauses panzerfaust

#955 – some trigger_objective_info fields cannot be modified from mapscript. We now allow trigger_objective_info fields to be changed in mapscript spawn section. Some (spawnflags, customimage, score, target, track, message) must be changed in the first frame, or first 3 frames.

#949 – don’t leave the player with an empty grenade launcher (weapalt bug);

#962 – revive can leave you with an empty rifle grenade launcher

#957 – weaponbank 10 crashes the client
Prevent antiwarp circumvention via pmove_fixed

#961 – Having too many counters drawn crashes the cgame

#969 – accum buffer index validation is borked. allow 10 global or local accums, and correctly print an error if the script tries to use too many.

#970 – some items in the etpro config menu first page cannot be bound. make resettimer, opentimerinput selectbuddy 6 and 7 bindable in menu.
fix scripting bug with thinktime causing thinks to get missed –

#965 – clients should no longer be able to get other client’s ip

#966 – clients can force other clients to disconnect by generating a lot of commands
Three server cvars were added for #966:
b_floodKickRate – continuous commands/sec, default 15
b_floodKickBurst – max commands in a burst, default 20
b_floodKickTime – time to kick flooders for, default 0

The default values should keep flooders from lagging others off the server.

#xxx – Fix a bug that let you use prone to go through walls via wedging yourself and turning, with the legs *slightly* a way from the wall, but not far enough

#xxx – Prevent players from shoving players that are stuck in another player – e.g. after revive, someone’s standing in them.

#xxx – Fix g_initialCamera buffer overrun

#983 – mapscript cvar commands are broken

#977 – clients show wrong warmup info if match is paused in warmup before countdown

#984 – workaround for bug in nvidia 91.xx drivers not displaying commandmap icons properly