No Quarter

No Quarter 1.2.9 (Beta)

1.2.9 No Quarter b6
Bug fixes
Fixed an issue where no spawnpoints are found
Fixed rcon single param commands causing a crash
Client ‘follow’ cmd fixed
Killer cam ends if killer is killed
Fixed 2D +/-topshots
Fixed client topshot cmd
Several typos fixed
Mapvoting string replacment corrected
Fixes for !give and !rocket
Fixed ability to see enemy’s FOV after death in some cases
Vanilla bug fix making hand grenades behaviour unique if attacker is target (should avoid fueldump wall tj nade exploit)
Goomba actions are logged into stats as foot kick
Allies hand grenades are logged as MOD_GRENADE_PINEAPPLE instead of MOD_GRENADE_LAUNCHER
Goal names are cleaned
Lua mute with 3rd param ‘reason’
Fixed _et_G_XP_Set – Set values don’t destroy map stats/awards
Changes – new features
Optimized ClientSpawn function for revived case
Enhanced the HUD couters (kill/death/spree view)
Default value of g_voicechatsallowed decreased from 4 to 3
g_debugdamage is no longer a cheat var
CalculateRanks function optimized